Thawte SSL123

Thawte SSL123 is a simple SSL certificate for one domain name which encrypts information transmitted over the Internet to a secure server. This SSL certificate is perfect to protect internal company systems, to create secure access to statistics systems, E-Mail and FTP servers, as well as for any other basic level Internet projects. It is available for both legal entities and individuals, as it belongs to domain validated certificates. This product provide 256-bit encryption, the most secure and strong as of today. Therefore, with Thawte SSL123 you can be sure it will provide the strongest protection for your server’s communication channel.

Thawte Trusted Site Seal

When you have an online payment enabled on you website or ask users to create an account, you should provide assurance that your web resource is trustworthy. Site seal Thawte Trusted will help your website win users trust in the Internet world. If you put it in the right place, it will visually remind visitors that your domain has been verified and is protected with an SSL certificate. The right place for the site seal you choose on your own, depending on your goals. It may be a home page of the website, any landing page, shopping cart overview or a payment page. Thawte Trusted site seal is one of the most recognized trust marks around the world. You get it for free when you buy Thawte SSL 123 certificate.

Domain Validation

Thawte SSL123 certificate provides only basic data validation, sufficient to issue a simple SSL certificate. That is the validation of a domain name. The validation process is the following: you specify a correct administrative e-mail address. It should be located on the domain you wish to secure. Thawte will send an e-mail to this address with a request to confirm the domain name validity. You just need to follow the confirmation link in that e-mail, and Thawte SSL123 certificate is yours. All the process is very quick and easy.

Thawte SSL 123 Browser Compatibility

Browsers compatibility is an important aspect to consider while choosing a SSL certificate. It influences how many visitors will be able to access a secure connection to your web server. This certificate, as well as other Thawte products, is 99.3% compatible with browsers and mobile devices around the world. Thawte certification authority ensures that even the most recent software versions include its SSL certificates in their certificate databases. This eliminates possible errors in SSL certificates recognition by users’ browsers.

Buy Thawte SSL123 Certificate

You can buy Thawte SSL123 either on behalf of a company or on your own. To order it you do not need to prepare registration documents, so you will get your SSL certificate quite fast. To avoid annual SSL certificate renewal and installation, as well as to save some money, we recommend that you order Thawte SSL 123 for several years at once. Its maximum validity period is 3 years. The longer validity period for your SSL certificate you choose, the cheaper it will cost you.