Thawte SSL Web Server

Thawte SSL Web Server  is an easy to use and budget-friendly SSL certificate confirming organization identity. Due to it, you can arrange the proper protection for your Internet projects that require a medium trust level. With this product you will not only provide secure connection, but also ensure that the information about your company as a domain owner is available for all website visitors. Thus, Thawte SSL Web Server ensures information safety and confirms your website authenticity.

Company Validation

Thawte SSL Web Server certificate provides the necessary domain name check and confirms that it belongs to the organization listed in it. So in order to get it, you should prepare some documents that confirm the existence of your company: registration document, phone directory link, and your company name listed as the domain owner in the whois record.

Thanks to the verification carried out by the certification authority Thawte, any user can check the information about the domain name, its owner and certification authority, contained in the SSL certificate. Therefore, use of Thawte SSL Web Server certificate will increase your website credibility and raise the level of customers’ confidence.

Strong encryption

Buy Thawte SSL WebServer to create a secure encrypted connection between a browser of any user and your web server, including gateways, web forms, e-mail and FTP servers, using 256-bit SSL encryption. Nowadays, 128/256 bit key length is standard for sensitive data encryption, which is the most reliable way to ensure its safety.

Thawte SSL Web Server compatibility

Thawte is a certification authority recognized worldwide by users and software developers. According to the official data, this product is supported by all popular browsers, namely 99,3%. This is an advantage when choosing an SSL certificate provider. So if you decide for Thawte SSL Web Server, it will not disappoint you.

Thawte Trusted Site Seal

To increase user confidence level install a Site Seal Thawte Trusted on your website. You will get it for free, when you buy Thawte SSL Web Server certificate. We recommend that you add the Site seal code to the following pages of the secured site:

  • home page,
  • login or registration page,
  • goods or services pages with order options,
  • any other pages where visitors trust matters the most.

As a rule, site seal appears within 2 hours after its installation. It ensures that your website has been validated and is protected by Thawte.

Buy Thawte SSL Web Server

You can get a significant discount in our SSL store, if you order an SSL certificate for a few years. Therefore, if you order it for 3 years, you will save money and time spent on order, validation and installation process.