Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard

Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard is an affordable digital security certificate with company verification. It contains the information about the owner of the SSL certificate and allows users to view it. It allows you protect multiple subdomains and thereby reduce SSL management and time costs.

Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard: Subdomains Support

If you need to secure an unlimited number of subdomains of the same domain name, this is a perfect solution. For example, you can buy it, if you need to provide a secure connection with subdomains like:


If all these subdomains are located on a single physical server and relate to the main domain, you can protect them all with a single Thawte Wildcard SSL certificate.

Company Validation

When issuing an SSL certificates Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard certification authority conducts a full company authentication procedure. It involves checking domain name and its Whois record, organization registration documents, as well as making a validation call to the company, requesting an SSL certificate. So do not forget to prepare a copy of a registration document confirming your company existence. Business validation provides reliable security information, since it allows visitors to verify an SSL certificate holder at any time. Besides it makes sure that all subdomains are protected and belong to a company, that passed a strict test to obtain a trusted SSL certificate. Only a legally registered entity can purchase this SSL certificate.

128/256 bit encryption

Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard provides the highest encryption level with 128 to 256 bit key length, depending on the user’s browser encryption type. Both 256-bit and 128-bit private key length is modern cryptography norm to secure information. Buy Thawte Wildcard SSL certificate to give your visitors a reliable way to save their data confidentiality on any of your website subdomains. In return you will win customers trust and a greater number of completed online transactions.

Thawte Wildcard SSL Compatibility

Like other Thawte products, this certificate is compatible with more than 99,3% of all modern browsers and mobile devices, allowing a huge number of users around the world to conduct secure transactions on the Internet.

Site Seal Thawte Trusted

If you order this certificate on out website, you’ll get a Thawte Trusted Site Seal for free. Thawte Trusted is one of the most recognizable brands in the Internet security, trusted by users all over the world. You can install the site seal on any of the most prominent or relevant pages of your web resource. You choose yourself. By clicking on the Thawte Trusted icon, a user can get all necessary information about your company, SSL certificate, certification authority and secure connection. Together with other security features, site seal has a positive influence on users’ decision to leave any confidential information on your website, whether he is making an online purchase or an account registration.

Buy Thawte Wildcard SSL Web Server Certificate

You can purchase it  for a maximum of 3 years. Ordering a digital certificate for several years at once is more beneficial. Thus, you save money, as each subsequent year of SSL validity costs you less due to discounts on our website. Besides, it simplifies SSL management process, because you will not need to renew and reinstall your SSL certificate every year.

When you fill in the technical data form for a Wildcard SSL certificate, you don’t have to list every subdomain you want to include in your SSL certificate. You just need to put an asterisk in front of your main domain name, for example, * This way you will include all possible subdomains related to your main domain