Thawte SSL Web Server with EV

Thawte SSL Web Server with EV is an SSL security certificate with Extended Validation. It is ideal for large companies and online shops, as it provides the highest authentication level according to information security standards, as well as reliable 128 to 256 bit encryption. We recommend buying Thawte EV SSL certificate to those who value their users trust and are willing to demonstrate the credibility and reliability of the website to their target audience. Thawte SSL Web Server with EV certificate provides Internet users with an easy and reliable way to decide who to trust in the web world. A detailed description of SSL certificate characteristics will illustrate this fact.

Extended Validation of an Organization

Extended business includes a strict verification both of your website and your company. When you buy Thawte SSL Web Server with EV, you provide your clients with more than just secure connection. In contrast to simple DV SSL certificates, Thawte EV SSL contains information about:

  • your company (name, city, country),
  • SSL certificate and
  • responsible CA.

Any website visitor can scan these data and thus make sure that your web resource is trustworthy.

To buy this product, you should prepare a copy of a registration document proving the actual existence of your company. In addition it must contain a valid address and phone number of your company. Due to the verification of your documents, Thawte can guarantee the highest level of data security and your ownership of the protected resource.

Green Address bar with Thawte EV SSL

If you install this certificate on your website, the address bar in modern browsers will be more eye-catching when users will visit your website. It will be highlighted with green color and your company name will appear in front of the URL-address. These visual security indicators will assure users that your website is safe. Moreover, they prove that the website owner has been verified in accordance with the most up-to-date IT security standards. Thawte SSL Web Server with EV helps visitors easily and confidently conduct secure transactions online. Besides it helps your company ensure a leading position among its competitors.

Protection against Phishing

The green browser address bar is not only a visual indicator of a secured HTTPS-connection, but also a reliable way to combat phishing. What changes after you install Thawte EV SSL on your website? Firstly, the browser address bar color will change to green. Secondly, it will also show in turns the names of your company and certification authority, that issued your SSL certificate. This function provides an effective protection against phishing, since it is virtually impossible to fake. Scammers cannot buy Thawte EV SSL, because it is impossible for them to pass the verification process. Therefore, when your clients see the green address bar and your company name on it, they can be confident that they are on the right website and can safely transfer their sensitive data, for example give in their registration data or billing information, with no fear for their security.

Thawte Trusted Site Seal

Thawte EV SSL certificate protects confidential information you share online and confirms the authenticity of your web-resource. When you purchase this product, you get Thawte site seal absolutely for free. Afterwards you can install it on any page of your web resource. By clicking on the Thawte Trusted site seal, visitors of your website can view information about your SSL certificate, check the name of your organization and make sure that the worldwide known Thawte certification authority has verified the authenticity of your website.

Buy Thawte EV SSL certificate

Digital SSL certificates with Extended Validation provide the highest level of the domain owner authentication, so only legal entities are eligible to buy Thawte EV SSL Web Server. This SSL certificate can be issued for a maximum validity period of two years.