Thawte SSL certificates

Thawte is one of the most trusted and popular CAs on the international IT security market.


Certification authority Thawte

The company was founded in 1995 in South Africa. Thus, it was the first certification authority that issued SSL certificates to legal entities registered outside of the US. Soon the CA won 40% of the global SSL market. Later on, in 2000, the company was acquired by VeriSign (now Symantec). Since that it became a key member of the corporation in the field of digital certification.

As of today, company has issued more than 1 million SSL certificates and certificates for software developers (Code Signing), thereby providing security and authentication of transactions in more than 140 countries.

This CA provides its services according to the international standards. Thus, it offers around the clock multilingual support by phone, chat and email. Thawte Trusted Site Seal is available in 18 languages. Due to this more users can check the authenticity of a website in their own language. In 2004, the company became the first certificate authority to support IDN domains (Internationalized Domain Names). This allowed more people to make use of the Internet security benefits in their native languages.

SSL Certificates

Thawte certificates benefit from the strength and reliability of the VeriSign authentication infrastructure. SSL certificates are the main activity field of the company. So it is constantly working to improve their products and compliance with customers’ needs and desires. Permanent funding of the Internet security research and development allows Thawte to keep the highest quality standards of their products and stay ahead of potential security threats.