Symantec Verisign

Secure Site Pro from Verisign (Symantec)

Secure Site Pro is a reliable business-level SSL certificate. It provides the highest level of data protection, transmitted over the Internet. Note, that Symantec and Verisign is the same company, which changed the name due to acquisition.

This digital security certificate has all the functional features of its predecessor Symantec Secure Site, but has one important advantage. That is the built-in SGC technology.

SGC Technology

As known, older browser versions support only 40 till 56 bit encryption. Nowadays it is considered as insufficiently reliable for complete safety of transmitted data, as it is relatively easy to decode. So if you have a usual SSL certificate, the information that users with older browsers transmit will be at risk.

Symantec has solved this problem in the Pro Series SSL certificates. Thanks to SGC technology in Secure Site Pro, older browsers and operating systems will be automatically upgraded to support strong 128/256 bits encryption.

Thus, the Verisign Secure Site Pro is supported by 99.9% of browsers, including even older versions. Purchase it to increase the range of supported browsers. As a result you will see an increasing number of visitors showing their confidence and trust to your web resource, that will positively affect their behavior on your site. According to research results, SSL protected commercial websites show a higher sales number, more completed transactions and less shopping cart abandonments.

Business Validation

Symantec (Verisign) Secure Site Pro is a perfect solution for large financial and commercial organizations. This SSL certificate provides a complete check of a domain name and organization data. Due to this any website visitor will be able not only to ensure a secure connection, but also to check whether the website really belongs to you. For this he only needs to click on the SSL certificate icon.

You can purchase Symantec Secure Site Pro only on behalf of a legal entity, that is, registered organizations, companies, corporations, etc. When you order Verisign Secure Site Pro SSL certificate, you should prepare registration documents for verification, provide a telephone link and sign a Subscriber Agreement with Symantec, because the CA representatives must make sure that your company really exists and owns the domain name you ask to protect.

Reliable protection with Symantec Secure Site Pro

Protect your business with the strongest SSL encryption as of today. Buy Symantec (Verisign) Secure Site Pro to provide 256-bit encryption of your users’ data. In practical terms, till now no one has been able to crack that strong encryption. Even if we assume that an attacker somehow intercepts transmitted information, he will not be able to read it. The point is that the text will be displayed as a set of random characters with no logical relationship.

Thus, you can purchase Symantec (Verisign) Secure Site Pro SSL certificate to assure full protection of your Internet resource, as well as the safety of your customers and employees information at the time of their interaction with your website.

Trust with Verisign Secure Site Pro

Like other Verisign SSL certificates, this product also includes two important features that affect your website credibility.

  • Firstly, Norton Secured Site Seal. You can install it on any website page to remind users that your resource is safe. Even if they did not pay attention to the closed lock icon and https abbreviation in the browser address bar, one look at the Site Seal is enough to realize they are on a secure page. Thus, they can safely continue to order or pay any goods or services your website offers. By clicking on the Norton Secured Site Seal, visitors will receive full information about your company, SSL certificate and CA.
  • Secondly, Symantec Seal-in-Search. This unique function will attract potential customers’ attention to your website, because it will show the Site Seal Norton Secured next to your website link in search engine results. It distinguishes Symantec SSL certificate owner among competitors and arouses users trust even before visiting your page and, of course, triggers their desire to look closer at your resource.
    Buy Symantec (Verisign) Secure Site Pro to receive the Site Seal Norton Secured and Seal-in-Search function for free.

Buy Secure Site Pro

It is cheaper to buy Symantec (Verisign) Secure Site Pro SSL certificate for several years at once. For example, when you place an order for 3 years, you can save a considerable budget amount, as the certificate will cost you less per year. Apart from financial savings, you will not have to worry about certificate renewal and installation every year.