Symantec Verisign

Secure Site SSL from Symantec (Verisign)

Symantec (Verisign) Secure Site SSL is a digital certificate of a business class. Its main goal is to maintain a secure communication channel for safe confidential information exchange between the client and the server. It confirms physical existence of an organization that owns the secured website.

Business Validation with Secure Site SSL

If you decide to buy this certificate, the responsible certification authority Symantec will conduct verification of your company. It includes check of certain documentation, which guarantees the actual existence of your company. Typically, such a check takes a few days, but it is worth it. After all, thanks to this procedure Symantec can guarantee the security of your website. Moreover, it provides users with necessary information proving that you are entitled to use issued SSL certificate. As a result, it’s a win-win situation! On the one hand, your website visitors know that they can safely transmit their personal information, whether it’s login and password data to register or credit card numbers to pay for goods or services in online shops. On the other hand, the growing credibility of your website will definitely have a positive impact on your business income.

Norton Secured Site Seal

When you purchase Verisign Secure Site SSL certificate, you get a completely free site seal Norton Secured. It is a special mark, visually confirming the accuracy and reliability of your online business. Site seal complements the main indicators of a website security, like a lock icon in the browser address bar and the https:// abbreviation at the beginning of the URL-address. As a result the Norton Secured seal increases customers confidence while performing transactions on your site.

What is so special about Symantec Site seal? The fact is that most users are familiar with world-known Symantec solutions in the field of IT security, such as Norton Antivirus. They also know that the products under this brand stand out for their innovativeness and quality. Needless to say, that when users see a familiar and trustworthy name in the Norton Secured site seal installed on one of your website pages, it triggers these positive associations and, as a consequence, more trust relationship to your business.

Seal-in-Search Feature

A unique feature Symantec Seal-in-Search, characteristic only for Verisign SSL certificates, will provide visual confirmation of your website reliability directly in the search results list.

How does this happen? This feature allows you to show the Norton Secured seal next to the link leading to your website in the search results. This happens due to a free plug-in activation. This function distinguishes your website among a list of competitors and shows that the security of your website is checked on a daily basis and no malware has been found.

SSL certificates compatibility

Symantec is one of the leading certification authorities worldwide. It invests a lot into research and development of new solutions in the field of Internet security. Due to this the company remains at the head of the technical progress in this area. Given its position in the IT security solutions market, it is not surprising, that 99.9% of the latest versions of browsers and mobile devices support VeriSign Secure Site SSL certificates.

Buy Symantec Secure Site SSL

You can order Symantec (Verisign) Secure Site SSL for the period from 1 to 3 years. We recommend you to choose the longest possible validity period actions as it will give you a few benefits. Firstly, you will avoid the necessity to renew your Secure Site SSL certificate every year, which involves new validation and certificate installation. Secondly, you can also save some finances as we provide significant discounts for SSL certificates with a longer validity period.

Important! You would need a dedicated IP-address to install any of SSL certificates, including Verisign Secure Site SSL.