Symantec Verisign

Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV

Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV is the most reliable business level SSL certificate. It not only offers the highest level of data protection, but also has the highest credibility among userss. That is why it is the perfect solution for large financial and commercial organizations. Note, that Verisign and Symantec are two names of the same certification authority.

SGC Technology

Nowadays the encryption standard for SSL certificates is 128/256-bit key length. Unfortunately, older browsers and operating systems are capable to support only 40 to 56-bit encryption. Nowadays it is considered not strong enough for the secure information transmission over the Internet. With built-in SGC technology, this certificate transforms weak 40 and 56-bit to more secure 128 and 256-bit encryption. It helps provide a decent protection to a larger number of your potential customers.

Extended validation of the company

In order to issue Symantec (Verisign) Secure Site Pro with EV certificate, CA both has to validate the domain name and to perform an extended review of the requester’s company data. Extended Validation means a detailed analysis of the documents confirming the actual company existence and its legal address. You should attach your registration documents copies to the technical data in your order. Besides we will require a link to your company profile in a telephone book. CA will make a call to the listed telephone number to ensure you are working in the company. Due to thorough company check Symantec can guarantee total safety and reliability of your website, to make users fully trust you.

Green address bar

Extended Validation activates the most visible security sign – green address bar – in modern browsers. Except for the green light, website visitors will see the full company name changing with the responsible Symantec CA name. Clicking the green part of the address bar, visitors will be able to get full information about your company. Those people, who regularly make purchases online, recognize the green browser address bar as a simple and reliable way to verify a website and its owner, in order not to get trapped at a fake website.

Buy Verisign Secure Site Pro with EV to improve your online business performance, to protect your customers from phishing, and therefore to show them that you care about their safety.

Dynamic Site Seal Norton Secured

Customers around the world know and trust the Norton Secured dynamic site seal which you get for free, when you purchase Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV. Install Norton Secured seal on any of your website pages. Most often website owners choose home page or payment page to remind users about transactions security on the website and persuade them to complete their transactions.

Seal-in-Search Feature

After you have installed Symantec (Verisign) Secure Site Pro with EV SSL certificate, you will also be able to make use of a free Seal-in-Search function, which helps to increase the number of your website visitors. How? The fact is that the Seal-in-Search technology activates a plugin, which shows Norton Secured sign next to your company name in search engine results list. This sign will distinguish your web-resource among competitors. Moreover, the users will know that the site is secure even before they visit it.

Why is it worth to buy Verisign Secure Site Pro with EV

Order this product to get more than just an SSL certificate to protect your website. Due to SGC technology, Site Seal Norton Secured (the most recognizable brand on the World Wide Web), Seal-in-Search function and many other important features, Verisign SSL certificate will help you attract more customers to your website and reduce the number of interrupted transactions and shopping cart abandonments.

Note, you can buy Verisign Secure Site Pro with EV cheaper if you order it for two years at once.