RapidSSL Wildcard

RapidSSL Wildcard is one of the cheapest Wildcard SSL certificates, which allow you protect not just a single domain, but also all its subdomains. If you want to buy a cheap Wildcard solution, this product is exactly what you are looking for. What are its advantages? By installing this certificate, you can extend the functionality of a simple SSL certificate RapidSSL for all the subdomains of your main domain name.

Subdomains Support

RapidSSL Wildcard is an excellent security solution for Internet projects with a more complex structure, where several subdomains require secure information transmition, for example:

  • www.domain.eu,
  • shop.domain.eu,
  • mail.domain.eu, etc.

Important! When ordering a Wildcard SSL certificate and generating a CSR request, you should enter your domain with an asterisk instead of subdomains in the field “Domain Name”: * .domain.eu.
Thus, it can simultaneously protect several website sections, providing a reliable level of data security. When you buy a cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate, you can save considerably. It is cheaper to order a Wildcard SSL certificate, than a lot of simple SSL certificates for each subdomain that needs a secure connection.

Domain Validation

When issuing an SSL certificate RapidSSL Wildcard, certification authority conducts only basic domain check. So you will get your SSL certificate very quickly. The main thing is to specify a correct administrative e-mail address located on your domain name. After you place your order, you will receive a letter from the CA to this email address. You just need to verify your domain name. The process is quick and simple.

Security Features

Trust logo “Secured by RapidSSL”

You have an opportunity to install a special trust logo “Secured by RapidSSL” with this certificate on your website. It represents a security sign which you can place on one of the most popular or the most relevant pages of your website, for example, in a shopping cart or on a payment page.

Browser Compatibility

Budget SSL certificate RapidSSL Wildcard is compatible with all popular browsers and operating systems (compatibility up to 99,3%), including such well-known browsers, like Chrome, IE, Opera, Mozilla and others.

Buy cheap RapidSSL Wildcard

If you decide to order a SSL certificate as a legal entity, there will be no restrictions in the choice for you. If you are an individual you have the right to order a SSL certificate with domain validation. Everyone can buy RapidSSL Wildcard, because it belongs to simple SSL certificates with basic validation level.

Purchase an SSL certificate cheaper by ordering it directly for several years. Therefore, the longer validity period you choose, the cheaper you order your SSL certificate.