Rapid SSL Standard

Rapid SSL is a cheap digital certificate to encrypt sensitive information transferred over the Internet. This is a great solution for small online projects that require secure data transactions. It can protect certain website sections, as well as provide secure access to internal company networks or statistics systems. But we would not recommend cheap RapidSSL certificate for websites, where visitors trust is of high importance, e.g. online shops, big companies, banks and financial institutions. In these cases we recommend use EV SSL certificates.

Domain Validation

It is a simple SSL certificate which provides a basic verification of domain name information. Domain Validation is performed online: when you order SSL certificate, you specify a valid administrative email address. Certification authority will send you an email to this administrative address asking you to confirm your order. Thus, there is no need to collect additional documents and to prove your company’s right to use this domain. As a result, you can buy Rapid SSL certificate in the shortest possible time.

Who can buy Rapid SSL?

This is a basic level SSL certificate, so both individuals and legal entities can get Rapid SSL certificate. Please note that individuals can order only domain validated SSL certificates.

Security Features

128/256 bit SSL certificate

Certification authority RapidSSL provides SSL certificates in accordance with the international encryption norm of 128/256 bit key length. Therefore, you can be sure of its reliability: no one has been able to decode data encrypted with such strong SSL certificates.

Site Seal “Secured by RapidSSL”

When you order this product on our website, you will receive a special website security badge for free. Trust logo “Secured by RapidSSL” is the most important addition to a digital SSL certificate, which you can place on any page of your web resource.

Browser compatibility

Almost all (99,3%) major browsers and operating systems support digital SSL certificate from RapidSSL. Purchase it to ensure safety of a larger visitor number with different software. This will leave only the best impression of your web resource for sure.

Get RapidSSL certificate cheaper

Willing to buy this product even cheaper? Choose an SSL certificate for several years at special price. This way you can save not only your budget, but also the time you spend on SSL renewal, installation and complete SSL certificate management process.