RapidSSL certificates

RapidSSL CA offers cheap entry-level SSL certificates. Despite of their low price, they use standard 256-bit encryption, which will ensure safety for internal networks, simple websites and other small Internet projects. Thus, SSL certificate from Rapid SSL CA is an excellent choice for those who is looking for a digital SSL certificate with a good value for money.

SSL certificates

The company offers only simple and cheap SSL certificates with domain name validation. You can choose between two products:

The fist one secures a single domain. Whereas the second one is an ideal solution if you want to protect both your domain and its subdomains.  It takes only some minutes to get any of these SSL certificates, as they do not require a company check.


Certificate authority RapidSSL offers SSL certificates with 128- and 256-bit encryption. Nowaday this is a norm in the field of IT security.

We recommend using Rapid SSL certificates for small online shops and websites with low security requirements. For example, if you offer only registration and log-in on your website and don’t gather any sensitive information, this product definitely will be enough for you. Besides, this a good choice to any project with a small budget. After you install SSL certificate, the main security indicators will appear in user’s browser: https extension, lock icon in the address bar. Besides that you will have an opportunity to install atrust logo on your website.

The brand belongs to GeoTrust, one of the leading certification authorities. RapidSSL intermediate certificate is signed by a GeoTrust root certificate with 2048 bit security level. At the same time Rapid SSL is an independent certification authority that offers a separate product line. The company has its headquarters in the United States. Besides that it owns a regional office in the United Kingdom.