GeoTrust True BusinessID

GeoTrust True BusinessID is a business level SSL certificate. That is why the process of its issuance involves company check and a callback.

Organization Validation

You can buy GeoTrust True BusinessID only as a legal entity. You will have to provide your company’s registration document to validate it be certification authority GeoTrust. In addition, you should provide a record in one of public telephone directories with your phone number. GeoTrust will call you to that number to confirm your order.

256-bit Encryption and Compatibility

GeoTrust SSL certificate encrypts transmitted data with a 256-bit key length. Besides, GeoTrust root certificate has a key length of 2048 bits. SSL certificate GeoTrust True BusinessID is supported by all major browsers and operating systems.

Security features: Site Seal and https://

If you decide to order GeoTrust True BusinessID, you will receive an additional feature for free: site seal “Secured by GeoTrust”. This is a special sign that shows that a digital security certificate protects the website. Along with https-extension and a lock in browser address bar, site seal reminds site visitors once more that the web resource is secure with an SSL certificate from a worldwide known and reliable certification authority. In addition, you can place GeoTrust Site Seal on any website page you consider the most appropriate for this purpose.

Buy Geotrust True BusinessID cheaper

Note, that the longer validity period you choose for your SSL certificate, the lower will be its price per year. So if you order True BusinessID for 3 years, you can save some amount of your budget.