GeoTrust True BusinessID EV

GeoTrust True BusinessID EV is an SSL certificate with the highest trust level that proves company’s business status. If you are looking to protect a website of a large organization, an online shop or a financial institution, we recommend buying an EV SSL certificate.

First of all, we recommend using GeoTrust True BusinessID EV for online shops that accept online payment. But it’s also a perfect solution for large organizations and financial institutions, as this kind of SSL certificates has the highest credibility among users.

Extended company check

In order to get GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV SSL certificate, you will have to undergo an extended check of company information. This means that while ordering an EV SSL certificate, you should attach a copy of registration documents. Due to them the certification authority can confirm the actual existence of your company. It will also make a validation call to verify your identity.

Advantages of GeoTrust EV SSL certificate

After you purchase this product, you get several important advantages over competitors, who us standard SSL certificates. On the one hand, green address browser bar will distinguish your website from competitors. On the other, every potential customer can check the website legitimacy any time, and complete his or her order without fear of fraud.

Green address bar with GeoTrust True BusinessID EV

The most distinctive feature of this SSL Certificate is a green browser address bar that displays the full company name. Besides, it guarantees that:

  • transactions, conducted over this channel, have the highest security level,
  • website owner has passed thorough company check from GeoTrust before he could buy an SSL certificate.

Your visitors will definitely pay attention to the address bar, which will be highlighted with green color in modern browsers. Moreover, your company name will be displayed alternately with the name of the responsible CA. So, buy GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV certificate to make a serious statement about you attitude to customers’ security.

GeoTrust True Site Seal

Another important web site security indicator, directly affecting users’ trust, is a dynamic site seal GeoTrust True. This is a kind of a credibility sign, by clicking on which a user will receive detailed information about your SSL certificate, certification authority and about your company as the domain owner. An important fact is that you can decide on your own on which pages to install GeoTrust True site seal. Thereby you control its visibility to the public. Mostly website owners place a site seal on a homepage, in the shopping cart and on payment page.

SSL protection from phishing

Green address bar and dynamic site seal from GeoTrust are not only visual indicators to attract customers. They are also an effective way to combat phishing. After reviewing information contained in a SSL certificate, a user will always be able to make sure that:

  • he or she is on the right website and
  • only website owner can view the data he or she sends.

With GeoTrust True BusinessID EV SSL Certificate your customers will always be able to distinguish your real website from possible fraudulent copies. Protect your brand against phishing schemes by buying the most powerful SSL certificate that provides the highest security level.

Buy GeoTrust True Businessid with EV

You can buy SSL Certificates with Extended Validation only on behalf of a company (any registered legal entity). Also, you should note, that in order to install any SSL certificate you would need a dedicated IP-address.

Consider our discounts system for SSL certificates registration for several years. We recommend ordering GeoTrust True BusinessID EV for two years.  It will help you save money on the one hand, and the time you spend for reissue and reinstalling on the other.

If you need an SSL certificate with EV for several domain names or subdomains at once, consider True BusinessID Multi-Domain with EV SSL certificate.