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Comodo UCC SSL certificate

Important! SSL certificates (including Comodo UCC SSL) no longer support IP addresses and internal domains (for example, with extension .local) for security reasons.

Comodo UCC SSL certificate (short from Unified Communications certificate) is a unique kind of SSL certificates. They are also called Exchange SSL certificates, because they were developed especially for Microsoft Exchange environment and Microsoft Office Communication. You can get your Comodo UC SSL certificate quite fast without any need to provide registration documents.

Comodo CA is one of three official suppliers of UCC SSL certificates for Microsoft platforms.

Note that Comodo Unified Communications SSL certificate are much cheaper in comparison to those from other suppliers, but at the same time they are as good as more expensive solutions in terms of quality. So, let us look closer at the features of Comodo UCC certificates.

Microsoft Exchange and OCS Support

If you work with Microsoft Exchange 2007, MS Exchange 2010 or Office Communications Server, this product is exactly what you need. Unlike standard SSL certificates, which do not support these platforms, it is developed specifically to work with MS Exchange and OCS. It supports the following services:

  • OWA
  • autodiscover
  • POP
  • IMAP

The fact is that the new MS Exchange versions (since 2007) include a new Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover function, which helps simplify Outlook client administration and management. At the same time Exchange uses Client Access server running on the Internet. Therefore, besides a standard Outlook URL (for example,, the same Client Access server can be contacted through That is why Exchange and OCS need additional information security methods. Up to date the only effective way is to install Comodo UCC SSL Certificate on the Exchange server.

Secure multiple domains with Comodo UCC

Unlike standard or Wildcard SSL certificates, a single UCC SSL certificate provides secure SSL connection for a number of different domain names. Thus, purchasing an SSL certificate Comodo Unified Communications, you can significantly simplify server administration, and therefore saving your finances, since you do not need to buy SSL certificates for each domain name individually.
Initially, Comodo UC SSL certificate includes 3 domains, but you can add up to 100 additional domain names, for example:

  •, and others.

If you would like to secure more than 3 domains or subdomains, you can add additional ones for extra fee. It depends on the required amount. Still it is a more cost effective solution than buying and installing a number of individual SSL certificates.

Domain or organization validation with Comodo UCC SSL

In order to get Comodo UCC SSL certificate it is enough to confirm your right to control domain names you want to secure. It means you would need to go through domain validation to get this certificate. Since the validation process does not involve company check, you can get your UC certificate within minutes.
Still, you can choose to get Comodo UCC SSL certificate with OV (Organization validation) by contacting our support team. In this case you will have to provide registration documents proving actual existence of your company and a link to a telephone list record of your company.

Comodo UCC Compatibility

Browsers and email clients compatibility is one of the most important aspects you should consider when buying an SSL certificate from a particular vendor. Comodo Unified Communications Certificates are compatible with 99.3% of modern browsers and E-mail clients.

Besides Comodo UC SSL Certificate supports 256-bit encryption, and is signed with a 2048-bit signature, in accordance with international IT standards and latest security technologies.

Buy Comodo UCC SSL certificate

The final cost of Comodo UCC certificate depends on two factors. Firstly, you can select the required number of domains you want to secure. Secondly, you can save some budget, if you buy Comodo UCC for three years in a raw. The longer validity duration you choose, the cheaper will be the price of your digital certificate per year.