Comodo SSL

Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL certificate

Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL is a digital security certificate of business level, which helps you organize the security of multiple communication channels. This solution has a number of advantages over simple SSL certificates covering only one domain as well as over Wildcard certificates with simple domain validation.

Subdomain support

Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL secures not only the main domain name, but also all its subdomains, such as:

• etc.

Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL Certificate includes an unlimited number of subdomains. So you can secure as many subdomains as you want within a single SSL certificate without any additional costs.

Organization Validation

Only a legal entity or private entrepreneur can get this products after verification by Comodo. On the one hand, this digital certificate provides a technical guarantee of your website security. On the other, it also proves that exactly you or your company owns the secured domain and its subdomains. Thus, visitors of your site can be sure that non fraudster has faked it to get your customers’ secret information. By purchasing Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL certificate you’ll get more than a secure connection, as the customers’ trust is what matter the most in online business!

Security features of Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL

Strong encryption

Digital certificate Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL is a highly reliable guard for the information users send to your server. It encrypts the data with a 256-bit key length. This is the standard used even in the US government to encrypt the state top secret data. Thus, you can be sure that if you buy Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL, all the transmitted information will be effectively protected in all available communication channels.

Compatibility with browsers

Nowadays SSL certificate compatibility with browsers plays an extremely important role. Due to constant changes in technologies and regular software updates, it is essencial to have the most up to date information about your SSL certificate in browsers’ databases.

Comodo CA makes sure that even the newest versions of browsers and mobile devices recognize and support its products. Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL compatibility with popular browsers is estimated at 99.3% level.

Unlimited number of physical servers

An additional advantage of Comodo SSL certificates, including Premium Wildcard SSL, is that you can install it on multiple physical servers. It may be of high importance for large Internet projects.

Buy Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL certificate

When you buy a Wildcard certificate, you should specify the domain name in CSR with an asterisk in the beginning, for example *  In this case the asterisks will be replaced by any subdomain under your domain name

Note that you can significantly save if you buy Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL for 3 years at once. Of course, you can choose any validity period for your SSL certificate from 1 to 3 years, but do not forget that the longer validity period you choose, the lower will be SSL certificate price per year. Besides that you will not need to renew your SSL certificate each year, which helps you not only save your money and time, but also to simplify the SSL certificate management process.