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Comodo PositiveSSL certificate

PositiveSSL is one of the most popular products of the worldwide famous certification authority Comodo. Besides, Positive SSL is the cheapest SSL certificate on the Internet security market.

Positive SSL is a digital security certificate that provides a secure connection for any Internet resource. We recommend buying PositiveSSL certificate for small websites, located on one domain, or to provide SSL security to separate parts of an Internet project, which do not require high users’ trust.

To protect all subdomains of your site, choose Positive SSL Wildcard certificate: Order PositiveSSL Wildcard

If you have several domains you can secure them all with an MDC certificate: Order SAN certificate

Comodo Positive SSL: How does it work?

PositiveSSL certificate confirm an enabled HTTPS-connection for secure data transmission on your website. Therefore all the information transmitted to your site through a secure SSL channel will be encrypted with 256-bit strength. Up to date this is the most reliable one. Only you as the owner of the PositiveSSL certificate will have a special private key, which will enable you to read the encrypted information. So if a hacker or a competitor will try to intercept your messages, he will not be able to read them anyway. He will only see a set of random characters, letters and numbers. Something like that:


How will users know your website is safe?

First of all, they will see that is your URL-address begins with expansion https:// (and not with http:// as before). This added letter “s” stands for the word “secure”. Furthermore if your website is secured by PositiveSSL certificate, users will notice the sign of a closed lock in the browser address bar. Both these signs ensure that the connection is effectively protected by a cryptographic protocol. But there is one more important point to notice – trust logo.

PositiveSSL Trust logo

If you decide to buy PositiveSSL certificate, Comodo will provide you with a free static Positive SSL trust logo. This is another indicator of the Internet resource security. You can install the trust logo on any page of your website. The best place to put a trust logo is your home page or the product page, because on these pages the visitors will notice it for sure. PositiveSSL trust logo is a convincing factor if you want to gain users trust.

Due to these security indicators the visitors of your website will be confident that their personal information is secure and will not fall into the wrong hands.

Strong encryption

Positive SSL certificates use a 2048-bit Comodo root certificate and 256-bit key-length for encryption, which no one still has been able to decipher.

Browser Compatibility

Comodo CA has earned the certificate holders trust around the world. 99.3% of modern browsers recognize its SSL certificates. Browser compatibility is one of the highest indicators of the users trust level. This is another important point in favor of PositiveSSL certificate.

Order cheap Positive SSL certificate

To issue Positive SSL certificate, Comodo makes only automated basic domain validation. It means that you do not need to collect a number of documents and forward them to the certification authority. All you need to do to protect your website with a PositiveSSL certificate is to fill in the order form with the domain technical data and contact information.

Do not forget that placing an SSL certificate order it is critical to specify the correct administrator’s e-mail address. Comodo will send a validation email to this address asking you to confirm your domain. As soon as you successfully confirm the validation email, Comodo will issue your Positive SSL certificate and you can install it on your website.

How to buy PositiveSSL certificate cheaper?

If you decide to buy PositiveSSL, pay attention to an opportunity to receive discounts when ordering an SSL certificate for a few years: you can save considerably if you buy Comodo SSL certificate for 3 years instead of 1. In addition, it is important to note that in contrast to business-level SSL certificates anyone can buy Positive SSL certificate – both legal entities and private persons.