Comodo SSL

Comodo Multi-Domain SSL

Comodo Multi-Domain SSL is a digital certificate, which in contrary to standard SSL certificates can organize security of multiple domain names at once. Therefore, it is a perfect solution for owners of multiple Internet projects located over different domain names.

Multiple domains supported

Order Comodo Multi-Domain SSL certificate to simplify security management process. This can help you manage SSL encryption for all your domains with a single SSL Certificate.

Comodo Multi-Domain can protect up to 100 domain names and subdomains at the same time, such as the following:

  •, etc.

The price includes 3 domains by default, and if you need more, you can add them for extra fee. It is a highly cost-effectively solution, as a single multi-domain SSL certificate can replace up to 100 separate digital security certificates.

Encryption and compatibility

This certificate uses modern 128/256-bit encryption. It is highly compatible with modern browsers (99.3%), which is a very important aspect for successful online business. This product offering the same encryption strength and compatibility as simple digital certificates. Therefore, Comodo Multi-Domain SSL represents an effective alternative to purchasing and installing a number of standard SSL certificates for each domain.

Organization Validation

Comodo Multi-Domain SSL certificate relates to as a business level SSL certificate and therefore only organizations (legal entities) can order it. When you order this product, you should provide a registration document proving the legal existence of your company, as well as a link to a telephone directory record of your company. Only due to the company check Comodo CA can guarantee that the website belongs to you and that the information provided on it is true.

Order Comodo Multi-Domain SSL

When you buy Comodo MDC SSL certificate, you should generate CSR request for one of the main domains. Later while filling in the form for detailed domain information, you will need to specify all the remaining domain names.