Comodo SSL

Comodo InstantSSL

Comodo InstantSSL is an easy to use and reliable SSL certificate. It provides a secure connection between your server and user’s browsers. We recommend installing it to protect information sent by your customers and employees, such as

  • registration information (logins and passwords),
  • billing information (credit card numbers) and
  • any other confidential data circulating within your company.

Why should you buy Comodo InstantSSL?

Firstly, Comodo Instant SSL is a perfect solution for small online shops and other small business areas wishing to provide visitors with safe traffic at the lowest price.

Secondly, Comodo InstantSSL certificates have several advantages that distinguish them among competing products. Let’s examine them one by one.

Organization validation

Comodo InstantSSL certificate not only provides a secure connection for safe transactions. It also confirms the corporate identity of the organization, indicated in the SSL certificate. So if you decide to purchase this certificate, you should prepare a number of documents confirming the existence of your company. Only after a detailed verification Comodo can guarantee safety and authenticity of your website.

Reliable protection with InstantSSL

This digital certificate complies with all IT security regulations and standards: Instant SSL certificate supports the strongest 256-bit encryption, which allows the most reliable protection of user data. InstantSSL certificate is signed on the basis of a 2048-bit Comodo root certificate, which prevents fraudsters from hacking the certificate or cracking the private key. Using Comodo Instant SSL digital certificate on your website will positively affect users trust level, which in its turn will favorably affect the income of your online business.

Dynamic Site Seal Comodo Secure

When you purchase Comodo InstantSSL, you get a dynamic Site Seal Comodo Secure for free. This is an additional guarantee of your website security along with the lock icon in the browser’s address bar and https:// extension at the beginning of your URL-addresses. Comodo CA is known around the world for its Internet security solutions, therefore, users can be sure of your site’s reliability and security when they see it has been verified and encrypted with the help of this certification authority.

Unlimited number of physical servers

An additional advantage of Comodo InstantSSL certificate is an unlimited number of server licenses, which allows you to install an SSL certificate on a number of separate physical servers. Not all SSL suppliers provide this feature. Although different parts of a web resource may be placed on different physical servers, they may still require SSL protection. With this solution you’ll get rid of these problems with the possibility to use SSL certificate on as many servers as you need.


All popular browsers and mobile devices support InstantSSL certificate. According to official data, its compatibility is as high as 99.9%. This figure is an important index to notice when choosing an SSL certificates provider. Compatibility with users’ software directly affects your visitors’ access to a secure connection and whether he or she will see security signs. Therefore, it is important that the digital certificate compatibility has as high grade as possible.

Buy Comodo InstantSSL

Firstly, you should fill in the order form on our website and enter all the necessary personal and technical data. Note that the ultimate price depends on the validity period you choose. The higher is the validity period, the more you save. So if you purchase InstantSSL certificate for several years in a raw, you will get a discount. Moreover, you will not need to worry about the renewal of your certificate every year.