Comodo SSL

Comodo EV SSL certificate

Comodo EV SSL is a business level digital certificate with the highest credibility among visitors worldwide. It is the best solution specifically for e-business. Due to its visual highlights it is ideal to ensure security and high trust level for online shops. This SSL certificate is compatible with 99.3% of all modern browsers and software. This certificate will open new perspectives for your online business.

Your benefits with Comodo EV SSL

This is not a simple security certificate. In addition to the standard SSL features, it offers a number of signs that will make your website stand out among competitors. As a result:

  • Users will have more credibility for your business and your website
  • Potential customers will be less likely to abandon shopping cart
  • Your website performance indicators will increase

Therefore, we recommend Comodo EV SSL certificates for all e-commerce projects.

Let’s have a closer look at its features that may promote your business growth.

Green address bar

How will Comodo EV SSL certificates increase your website performance?

Only if you install an SSL certificate with Extended Validation (EV) on your server, all modern browsers will display a green address bar with the full company name in front of your URL-address. Before the issuance of a Comodo EV SSL certificate certification authority conducts a thorough check of the applicant’s registration documents. It helps ensure that the company is real and owns the website stated in the EV certificate request. Due to the green browser address line, a user will know that the connection to the server is protected and that the owner of the EV SSL certificate has been authenticated in accordance with international IT security standards.

Extended Validation

Buy Comodo EV SSL certificate only on behalf of a legal entity. When ordering any SSL Certificate with Extended Validation, a CA requests registration documents and may ask for some additional data, such as a tax number or a telephone bill. After having checked requested documents, phone directory and whois record of your domain name, CA can ensure that the domain belongs to your company. Users can also get information about the owner of an EV SSL certificate by clicking on the site seal or on the acronym https: // in the browser address bar. Compared to the basic domain validation, extended validation plays an important role in building visitors credibility for your online resource.

Extended validation is by far the most reliable way to protect users against phishing attacks. With help of phishing tactics criminals try to get users personal data, such as passwords or payment information, by faking a website. Of course, hackers cannot buy EV SSL certificate because of the thorough requester check, so your customers can be confident in your website’s reliability. In addition, they can check the data about SSL certificate owner at any point of time and make sure that the website belongs to you.

256-bit encryption

Any SSL certificate ensures that the transmitted information is sent over encrypted channel. Therefore, only its intended recipient can decrypt it. Encryption strength in this case corresponds to key length measured in bits. This certificate supports 256-bit encryption – the strongest encryption level as of today. Its root certificate has the strongest encryption level as well, that is 2048 bits.

Comodo Secure Site Seal

If you buy this product, you will get an opportunity to install a dynamic site seal at any web-page. When user clicks on it, a browser sends a request directly to the CA. It triggers a pop-up window, that shows the complete EV SSL certificate information. Dynamic Comodo Site Seal provides information about SSL connection, website owner and issuer in real time.  This feature significantly increases the trustworthiness of a website, secured by Comodo EV SSL certificate!