Comodo SSL

Comodo EV MDC

Comodo EV MDC SSL is a multi-domain SSL certificate with Extended Validation. It provides the highest security level for up to 100 domains at once. This type of digital SSL certificates is a perfect solution for major financial and commercial organizations. It gains the highest level of users’ trust and is supported by all popular browsers. In addition, it provide the strongest 256-bit encryption on the basis of a 2048-bit root certificate.

Support of additional domains and subdomains

Comodo EV MDC SSL certificate combines two advanced features that are of highest importance for Internet security:

  1. extended validation of the business on the one hand and
  2. support of multiple domains or subdomains on the other hand.

If you buy this multi-domain certificate, you can secure up to 100 domain names and subdomains, for example:


If you own multiple Internet projects, you have an opportunity to save your security costs significantly by purchasing Comodo EV MDC. In addition, you will not have to configure individual SSL certificates for each domain separately. That is why multi-domain certificate simplifies the process of SSL certificates management.

Extended Validation

When you order Comodo EV MDC, CA performs a strict check of your organization. It checks registration documents, company existence, your right to order an EV certificate on behalf of your company, etc. Only registered commercial and non-profit legal entities are eligible to purchase Comodo EV MDC certificate. Unfortunately, it is not available for private entrepreneurs. Thanks to the extended validation of a requesting organization, Comodo can ensure that the security of the website and the identity of the domain owner.

Browser address bar turns green

The strongest visual guarantee of a website reliability and legitimacy is a green browser address bar, which displays the full company name. Each domain protected by EV SSL certificate will display a green address bar in users’ browsers. Comodo EV MDC SSL certificate will increase customers trust and liability, and as a result your online business performance will increase as well.

Dynamic Site Seal from Comodo

Another important website security indicator is a dynamic site seal. You can install it on any page you think it is relevant for. Most probably you’ll want to show the site seal on a home page, in a shopping cart or on payment pages. Dynamic site seal differs from a static trust logo in the way that it displays SSL certificate information and its owner data in real time. When you buy Comodo EV MDC, you can install the site seal on each of the resources, secured by this SSL certificate.

Order Comodo EV MDC SSL

To order a multi-domain SSL certificate Comodo EV MDC, you should first create a CSR request for one of the main domain names. All other domains you will enter at the second part of your order – when you fill in the technical data of your resource.