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Comodo Code Signing Certificate

Main features of the Comodo Code Signing certificate:Comodo code signing

  • Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing
  • Microsoft Office Code Signing
  • Java Code Signing
  • Apple Code Signing
  • Adobe Air Code Sign
  • Mozilla Code Sign
  • Microsoft Silverlight Sign
  • Issuance period – 3-7 days
  • Windows 8
  • For individuals and legal entities

Software developers use this certificate to protect their products through a digital signature from unauthorized modification by third parties. Brief features of a code signing certificate:

  • verifies the identity of the developer or company the software belongs to;
  • maintains code integrity;
  • protects software against unauthorized access to code and its altering;
  • increases customers confidence;
  • increases the number of program installs;
  • protects software developer’s reputation;
  • is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

What is a Code Signing Certificate?

Code Signing Certificate is a digital certificate, that signs software, applications, scripts, macros, etc., to confirm the software publisher. Furthermore, Code Signing certificates ensure that the software code has not been modified after the digital signature had been placed.

Digital signature for software ensures:

  • Source authenticity: digital signature confirms that the software has been actually issued be a company or an individual stated in the certificate.
  • Code integrity: it confirms that the program code has not been altered, damaged or extended by a third party since the moment of software signing.

Which software supports Comodo Code Signing certificate?

  • Microsoft Authenticode: signature of 32-bit and 64-bit file formats .exe, .dll, .cab, .ocx, .xpi and .xap, .msi, as well as applications and kernel drivers
  • Apple Code Sign: signature of software developed for Mac OS, as well as it’s updates
  • Java Code Sign: signature of Java applets (.jar format files and Java applications). Comodo Code Signing Certificate is supported in JRE (Java Runtime Environment).
  • Adobe Air Sign: signature of .air file format. It is necessary to sign AIR applications.
  • Mozilla: code signature of any Mozilla object file.
  • Microsoft Silverlight: supports Silverlight applications and .xaf files.
  • Microsoft Office: code signature for MS VBA objects, scripts and macros, as well as for MS Office files in .doc, .ppt, and .xls formats.

Who needs a software publisher certificate?

When users buy software in an official physical store the source of this software is obvious. But it is not that easy to trust if they download your software file from the Internet, taking into account how easy it is for fraudsters to insert a malicious piece of code into your original software. Code Signing certificate ensures the integrity of the code and verifies the owner, and in this way it informs your customers that they can trust the software they are to install.

For example, when installing a program on Windows a user must allow the program to make changes to his computer. If the software is not signed with a Code Signing certificate, the user receives a warning that the publisher is unknown. On the contrary, if the program code has been signed using a Code Signing Certificate, the installation message will be colored in blue and no warnings will be shown.

Without code signing certificate Signed with code signing certificate
In the first case the user does not know who created the program and whether he should trust it. That is why he can cancel the installation process and find another developer’s product. In the second case the publisher certificate guarantees that exactly this publisher has issued the software in question and no one has altered the code during its transmission to the user.

How to order Code Signingcertificate?

1. After having created an order in our system, you will receive a link to the page, where you should place your request with all the necessary technical data. You should generate this request in Internet Explorer on the same computer where you plan to sign your software.

2. Validation: to obtain a Code Signing certificate you will have to provide certain documents. For individuals (only those registered as private entrepreneurs) and legal entities:

  • Your registration document
  • Your DUNS number, record at with up-to-date contact information. Certification authority will call you on the phone number specified at record.
  • Confirm e-mail address

For more information, please contact our support team: Contacts.

3. Important: You must download your Code Signing certificate in the same browser and on the same computer where you have generated a request!

Additional Information:

Export Certificate CodeSigning: read about how to export a Code Signing certificate from your browser after you have received it.