Comodo SSL

Comodo SSL certificates

Comodo SSL certificates are the most popular digital security products. Due to their low cost and quick issuance process these products gain even more popularity among owners of small websites.


Certification authority Comodo

Comodo CA Group is the leading vendor of software for information security in the Internet. Along with other software solutions, it produces a wide range of security certificates. The certification authority offers a range of products for private use, small and medium businesses, and large enterprises.

The company was founded in 1998. Ever since it has earned trust of millions of Internet users, who purchased over 2 million of its SSL certificates. It cooperates with more than 7,000 partners and associates around the world. A number of Comodo software installs reaches 25 million. What could be a greater measure of confidence?

Company’s headquarters is located in New Jersey, USA. Moreover, the company is widely represented at the global level with regional offices in the US, UK, Japan, China, India, Romania, Ukraine and Turkey. More than 600 employees develop innovative software solutions and services for the Internet security.

Validation process

Comodo was one of the first CAs to identify the need for a standardized, thorough check of SSL requesters. That is why heir authentication process was one of the most innovative areas, that helped create a more reliable SSL security index.

The company is sure that authentication is the basis of trust in the Internet. Authentication is the process of determining of someone’s identity or authenticity of something. Authentication of a private person, organization, website or software developer, creates trust establishes credibility in the Internet, because users can be sure they are dealing exactly with the persons they intent to and that the information they provide is true. As we know, trust and credibility are the basis for successful online businesses. For this reason Comodo started issuing SSL certificates with Extended Validation that provide the highest authentication level for legal entities. Later the guidelines for this authentication process were adopted at the CA/Browser Forum. For example, the green browser address bar triggered by Comodo EV SSL certificate assures visitors that they are working with a verified company over the secure connection.