Wildcard SSL certificate for subdomains

Do you have multiple subdomains and need to protect them all at once? Wildcard SSL certificate is exactly what you are looking for. It is a cost-effective and efficient mean to ensure the safety of all subdomains. We offer a range of such products from the following certification authorities:

  • Thawte,
  • Comodo,
  • GeoTrust,
  • RapidSSL.

But first let us explain their main features.

Your advantages with Wildcard SSL

This solution offers you a number of advantages to save:

  • money on buying multiple SSL certificates;
  • time on validation process;
  • time spent on installation;

Note that you cannot install multiple certificates on one IP address without using a SNI protocol, which is not supported by all the browsers. Wildcard and Multi-domain certificates will help you in this case.

How SSL Wildcard certificate works?

They embrace all the features, compatibility and warranties as offered by conventional products:

  • they use 128/256-bit encryption, which is an IT security standard at the moment.
  • when you purchase Wildcard SSL certificate, you get a trust logo or a site seal stating that your website is secured. You can install it on any page you want.
  • like any other digital certificate, it requires a dedicated IP address to function in a proper way.

Wildcard SSL works in the same way as conventional SSL certificates: it allows you to secure connection between your website and a user’s browser. But it has an enormous advantage: it secures all subdomains of your primary domain.

If you need to protect multiple subdomains (for example, several sections of a website located on different subdomains) you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing a single Wildcard SSL certificate instead of a few simple ones. For example, getting this product for a domain name *.example-domain.com may be useful to secure:

  • login.example-domain.com
  • mail.example-domain.com
  • cart.example-domain.com
  • payments.example-domain.com and many others.

One Wildcard SSL Certificate covers unlimited number of subdomains!

Buy Wildcard SSL certificate


You can choose between two types of this product:

  • Wildcard SSL with domain validation (DV SSL):

in this case the certification authority will check only your primary domain name, so it is important to add a correct administrative e-mail address when specifying the technical data for your order. You will receive a validation letter from the CA with a link you should follow to confirm your right to access the domain name. This is an automatized process, so your certificate will be issued in a few minutes.

  • Wildcard SSL with organization validation (OV SSL):

in this case the CA checks not only the validity of the domain name and your right to access it, but also the physical existence of the company, that you are ordering an SSL certificate for. For this reason you should provide a copy of a registration document of your company and a telephone link with a valid contact number. The CA will call you on that number to check the existence of your organization.

The main advantage of a security certificate with OV is that it provides the information about the owner of the SSL certificate and users are able to check if the website in reality belongs to the company stated on the website. This helps them avoid giving in any sensitive information on fake websites. We recommend buy Wildcard SSL with OV for large companies, as well as for online shops where customers’ trust is of paramount importance.

How to order?

The ordering process does not differ from the ordinary one, except for one very important point. To enable all possible subdomains in product you should state your domain name starting with an asterisk, for example, * .example-domain.eu, * .your-domain.com or *.your-shop.de. The asterisk is a wildcard character, which may be substituted by any subdomain name.

Note that in order to issue a Wildcard SSL certificate a CA checks only the primary domain, and not all the subdomains belonging to it.

Get it even cheaper!

We offer a system of discounts depending on the validity period of your certificate: the more years you choose, the cheaper will be the price per year. Therefore, you can save you budget buying a Wildcard SSL certificate for several years.