SAN Certificates

SAN certificate (also called Multi-domain SSL) is an excellent choice if you own several online resources with different domain names. For example, if your company owns several online stores, a separate website for bonus program participants, a corporate portal for employees, or a mail server, which requires a special SSL security. Normally, users submit some data on these types of resources:

  • usernames and passwords,
  • delivery and billing addresses,
  • passport numbers,
  • bonus card numbers, or
  • payment information.

Since all this represents sensitive data, it must be protected. How can you organize data security properly?

It is quite a long and laborious process to order and manage separate SSL certificates for each domain name. We have an easier solution!

Buy a single SAN SSL certificate that can protect all the domain names you own, for example:

  • etc.

Your benefits with a SAN certificate

SAN certificate has several advantages over simple ones. Most noteworthy is that you can use it to protect as many domains and subdomains as you need.

Benefits of multi-domain SSL certificates:

  • security for up to 100 domains and subdomains, as well as mail servers (3 to 5 domains are already included in the price);
  • you can install a site seal on each domain;
  • 128/256-bit encryption;
  • full compatibility with all modern browsers.

Multi-domain or Wildcard SSL?

These two types of SSL certificates are similar in their versatility as compared to simple SSL certificates. So, what is better: a multi-domain or a Wildcard certificate to maintain a balance of functionality and price.

Multi-domain SSL certificates protect both domain names and subdomains. It is an absolute advantage. But you should state the SANs you wish to protect while ordering your product. If you want to protect more than three domains or subdomains, you need to order them for extra price. Of course, it is a cheaper option than buying a separate SSL certificate for each domain name.

On the contrary, Wildcard certificate allows to protect an unlimited number of subdomains at no extra cost. Besides you don’t have to state them in advance. So if you need to secure exclusively subdomains, we recommend to order Wildcard SSL certificate.

Which multi-domain SSL certificate to choose?

We offer a range of SAN SSL certificates from Comodo and GeoTrust – two largest certification autorities on the global level.

Comodo Positive SSL MDC is a simple SSL certificate with support of multiple domains. Both individuals and legal entities can order this cheap SAN certificate.

Comodo Unified Communications Certificate (Comodo UCC) is the only correct decision, if you need an SSL certificate for your Exchange server.

Comodo Multi-Domain SSL and GeoTrust TrueBusinessID Multi-Domain are both SAN SSL certificates with simple organization validation. Thanks to this validation procedure users can be sure not only of your website security, but also that it belongs to your company.

Comodo EV MDC SSL and GeoTrust TrueBusinessID EV Multi-Domain are SAN SSL certificates with Extended Validation, which trigger a green address bar in users‘ browsers after you install them on a your server.

How to order SAN SSL certificates

By default, every SAN SSL certificate includes 3 domain names. If you would like to include more, you should choose a number of additional domains while ordering it. After placing your order you’ll be able to submit the technical data, including all the domains and subdomains you want to protect. Note: in your CSR request you need to state only the main domain name, and the rest you will add later in SANs field.

We offer a system of discounts for SSL certificates with a longer validity period. So when ordering SAN SSL certificate for three years in a raw, you can save considerably!