EV SSL certificate with extended validation

Key features of an EV SSL certificate:

  • Green browser address bar
  • Your company’s name in the browser
  • Dynamic site seal with real time information on the security of your website
  • Extended company verification

What is EV SSL certificate?

Extended validation SSL certificate is the highest level of your website credibility due to a more profound company check.

Extended Validation involves a more thorough process of customer verification compared to issuance of simple SSL certificates. If you go through such a validation, you will get additional visual security indicators on your website along with your EV SSL certificate:

– HTTPS-extension

Secure https connection is an information channel, encrypted in accordance with international Internet security standards.

– Green browser address bar

When potential customers visit your website, secured with an EV SSL certificate, they will immediately notice that the address bar is green, unlike other sites. According to some psychological studies, users tend to perceive green as color of security. Therefore, SSL certificate with the green address bar is a double guarantee of safety and reliability of your website.

– Your company name directly in the address bar

The company name will be shown in the beginning of your URL-address. It indicates that your website belongs to you and has not been faked with intent to obtain personal information. Thus, you provide additional protection against phishing attacks and show your concern about your future clients’ safety.

– Lock icon in the address bar

By clicking on the lock icon in front of your URL-address, your visitors will be able to receive all the necessary information about your domain , company and SSL certificate, which guarantees the authenticity of your web site, as well as your serious attitude to customers.

– Dynamic Site Seal

Protection badge (Site seal) provides users in real time with the  information about your SSL certificate, company and certification authority that issued your EV SSL certificate. The advantage of a site seal is that you can add it to any page of your website that is the most suitable for this purpose.

Site Seal looks differently depending on which CA you have chosen.

What are the benefits of an EV SSL certificate for your business?

Due to new visual security indicators the visitors of your online shop will have a completely different first opinion about it. As a result you will get:

  • more visitors trust;
  • increase in conversion rate by 10-20%;
  • 1.5 times more repeat orders;
  • decrease of shopping cart abandonment rate by 43%;
  • positive image of your website comparing to competitors;
  • much higher protection from phishing attacks than a conventional SSL certificate can give.

What is Extended Validation?

Extended Validation is the standard procedure for all certification authorities to verify the information on the identity and credentials of the SSL certificate requester.

EV SSL Certificates allow you to keep your online transactions in secret from third parties and assure users of safety while working with your website. When you order an SSL certificate, an independent certification authority checks the data of your organization and issues a unique SSL certificate containing information about you. This is called an authentication process.

How to buy EV SSL certificate?

1. Select Extended Validation certificate and choose validity period.
2. Place an order

After clicking on “Order” button, you will be asked to register an account on our website from which you will be able to monitor your order processing information. Then you will navigate to the form where you can enter the technical data of your domain as well as business information. We will forward these data to the corresponding certification authority, and it will start the validation process.

3. Complete extended validation

To  do that you will need to do the following steps:

  • fill out an EV SSL certificate application form and an Agreement with the certification authority (CA).

Depending on the SSL certificate you choose, you will receive the forms either from our us or directly from the CA.

  • provide a registration document of your company.

Note, that in some cases the certification authority may request any additional documents.

  • Email validation.

You will receive an email from the CA to the administrative email address you have entered in the technical data. You should follow the link in the email to confirm your right to access the domain in question.

  • Callback validation.

Besides the registration documents you should also provide a DUNS-number or a link to a yellow pages registry of your company with a valid telephone number. The CA will call you on this number. First, they will want to speak with a person who has signed an Agreement with the CA to confirm the order. Then they will ask you to forward them to HR-department to confirm that the first person they’ve been talking to actually works for the company and occupies a specified position.

  • Obtain and install an EV certificate.

As a rule, the issuance of an extended validation certificate can take from a few days up to two weeks. Therefore, we recommend to order EV SSL certificate in advance. When you successfully complete the extended validation, you will get your EV SSL certificate. Then you should install it on your server as any other SSL certificate. After that the green address bar will be activated automatically. Please contact our support team or certification authority to obtain your dynamic site seal.

Our team will be happy to help you at any step of the issuance and validation process.

Who can buy an extended validation certificate?

Due to the high level of verification this type of SSL certificates is available only to legal entities, such as companies, funds, organizations, etc.