DV SSL: Domain Validated Certificate

DV SSL certificates are also called “domain validated” or “with domain validation”. These are the simplest security certificates, which you can normally get within some minutes.

What is the use of a DV SSL certificate?

First of all, simple DV SSL certificates are suitable for internal use, as well as for small Internet resources, where a secure connection is needed, but there’s no need to for high users’ trust. For example, you may use a domain validated SSL certificate in the following cases:

  • to login into the client’s area, which does not contain any confidential user’s data;
  • to connect Facebook applications, Google services, and other external services that require secure connection;
  • beginning online shops with a small number of users;
  • when there is no opportunity to purchase an SSL certificate with a higher validation level, like OV SSL or even better EV SSL certificate (for example, if you buy https certificate as a private person).

We highly recommend use EV SSL certificates with green address bar and the company name in it for online shops, banks and financial institutions. Thanks to these distinctive features you website will stand out among other competitive resources, as well as attract users’ attention to its safety and credibility.

Who can order domain validated SSL certificate?

DV SSL certificates are available both for individuals (including sole proprietors) and legal entities (companies, government agencies and organizations). There is no need to provide any registration documents to get a DV SSL issued.

What is domain validation?

When you ordering a domain validated SSL certificate, you should submit a validation email address while entering the technical data of your domain. It must be one of the following administrative email addresses at your domain:

  • admin@domain.eu
  • administrator@domain.eu
  • hostmaster@domain.eu
  • webmaster@domain.eu
  • postmaster@domain.eu

Alternatively, it can be an email address stated in the Whois record of your domain name.
After certification authority receives your order, it will send an automated validation email. You just need to confirm your right to access the domain by clicking the validation link in this mail and entering a security code. After that you will receive your DV SSL certificate.

As you can see, you don’t have to submit any additional documents or go through the telephone check as in the case of OV (organization validated) and EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificates. The validation process and DV SSL certificate issuance is performed automatically. That is why it takes only a few minutes to get a security certificate.