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What is an SSL certificate?

The task of an SSL certificate is to encrypt and protect data. SSL certificate ensures that channel to transmit confidential data between a client’s browser and a server is protected by an SSL protocol. It is recommended to buy SSL certificate to provide security of the information visitors leave on your website:

  • login and registration data
  • content of an online shopping basket
  • delivery and billing addresses
  • payment information and credit cards numbers
  • users‘ personal information, etc.

SSL certificate types

Buy SSL certificate for one domain Buy Multi-domain SSL certificate Buy Wildcard SSL certificate
Secures only one domain name Secures multiple domain names or subdomains Secures all subdomains within one domain name
Secures one domain, you can choose between different types of validation. One SSL certificate secures up to 100 different domain names! Depending on a certificate authority the price includes 3 or 5 domains. Save your time and budget with 1 SSL certificate for all your needs! Secures the domain you enter as well as all the subdomains belonging to it. Saves your time and money if you have multiple subdomains!
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SSL certificates validation types

Buy SSL certificate with domain validation (DV) Buy SSL certificate with organization validation (OV) Buy SSL certificate with extended validation (EV)
Checks the owner of the domain name Checks the existence of the company requesting an SSL certificate Provides an extensive check of the company’s profile.
Law trust level

Secures the connection and transferring of the data, but does not provide any information about the owner of the SSL certificate.

– issues within some minutes

Middle trust level

Besides secured SSL connection, these SSL certificates prove physical existence of the company. OV SSL certificates are more trusted by users.

– issued within 1-3 days

Highest trust and security level!

To get SSL certificate with EV a company should go through a thorough validation process.

The browser address bar is highlighted with a green colour. EV SSL is the most trusted SSL certificate amongst users!

– issuance time up to 1 week

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How to buy SSL certificate?

buy SSL certificate

  1. Select an SSL certificate that is suitable for your needs. The tables above show SSL certificates classifications according to the number of protected domains on the one hand and to the validation type on the other. Please notice, that you can buy an OV or EV SSL certificate, which provides an organization check or its extended validation, only if you have a registered company or if you are registered as an entrepreneur (only OV certificates are available). If you decided to get a simple DV SSL certificate, don’t worry there are no restrictions and anyone can purchase it.
  2. Place an Order. On a page with detailed SSL certificate information select the validity period for your SSL certificate and click “Order” button. After that you should register as a client, pay your order and enter technical specifications of your domain. If you buy an SSL certificate with business validation, you should attach a copy of a registration document confirming the existence of your company.
  3. Complete the validation process. For DV SSL certificates you just should confirm your order per e-mail (for this you specify an administrative e-mail address in your technical data). For OV and EV SSL certificates a certification authority will also check your company registration documents and call you on the provided business telephone number to ensure your company really exists.
  4. Get your SSL certificate. After successful validation, you can get your security certificate and install it on the server.

If a certification authority refuses to issue an SSL certificate for any reason, you will get your payment refunded.

For any questions, please contact our support team. We will be happy to help you with the choice of the most suitable solutions!

3 Reasons why you need an SSL certificate

Reason Why is it important? For whom is SSL important?

Traffic security

Traffic security

The primary task of an SSL certificate is communication channel protection and encryption of the information that is transmitted to the server.

Modern SSL / TLS encryption standards reliably protect the transmitted data from being intercepted. But even in case a hacker somehow receives the secret information, he will not be able to decipher it without the private key, which is available only for you.

This is extremely important for banks and financial institutions, for websites that accept online payment and that collect any sensitive information from their users (login name, password, address, personal information). Besides SSL certificates are required to connect Facebook applications and some other services.

SSL certificate as marketing element

SSL as marketing element

It is highly important to win users’ trust in order to effectively sale your goods or services online. In the Internet, a customer never knows who is in front of him: a reliable partner or a fraud.
SSL certificate is a great way to show that working with you is safe and secure. The following visual features of an SSL certificate will help you to prove it:

• https:// instead of http:// (where s stands for “secure”) and a lock in the address bar;
• The green address bar and the company name in it (for EV SSL);
• Trust logo or site seal that you can install on any page of the website (the best positions are on the home page, in a shopping basket, on the login and payment page).

First of all for the online shops and financial institutions in order to persuade their customers in their credibility and responsibility. Using an SSL certificate as a marketing element, you can raise the number of conversions on your website, increase sales as well as the average purchase amount in your online shop.
Better rankings with SSL

Better rankings with SSL

In 2014 Google added SSL/TLS connection to the list of ranking signals, which means that a website with an SSL certificate installed will get better position in the search results over the websites served over an http-protocol.

The studies show that the novelty is already in force: the positions of secure sites began to grow in comparison to unprotected pages.

For everyone who is working on the optimization of the website and is eager to reach top positions in Google search results.

Who needs to buy SSL certificate?

1. Financial institutions and banks

Financial institutions and banks are the first targets for cybercriminals. What could be easier than accessing users’ finances by having warmed out their credit card information or an online banking password? A few simple manipulations with SMS notifications and a fraudster can obtain full access to a client’s money, whereas the latter may not even think about it.

Therefore, an SSL certificate on the bank or financial institutions websites is an integral part of the site’s security system, as it helps to encrypt the data and keep it safe from hackers.

2. Online shops

There are some reasons why an online shop needs an SSL certificate:

  1. Connecting payment systems: it is a formal requirement of the most payment systems. If you want to connect them directly to your online store you should install SSL certificate first. For example, you would definitely need it to receive online payments by credit cards.
  2. Client orientation: considering the growing competition in the e-commerce field, it is highly important to build a strong image of the online shop. SSL certificate will show that you care about your customers, value their safety and work on the security of the personal data you request to process their orders.
  3. Users’ trust = increased sales: users’ trust is a key to a successful online store performance and higher conversion rates. If you buy OV or EV SSL certificate your company should undergo a strict authentication process by an independent CA. It provides an additional security guarantee for your customers. Due to SSL certificate, visitors can see a secure https connection, a lock in the browser address bar, or a green address bar with the company name in it, and realize that they can really trust you.
  4. Less abandoned shopping baskets: one of the most widespread ways to steal users’ payment information on the Internet is to fake payment pages. Careful users always check where they leave their payment data. If the payment page doesn’t seem to have the proper level of credibility, these potential customers leave for other suppliers. But if you remind them about your website security installing a site seal (which you get with any SSL certificate for free) on the shopping basket and payment pages, you can significantly reduce the number of abandoned carts.
3. Email security
4. Facebook Applications
5. Login and personal area
6. All websites: for better Google ranking